This website showcases my best work in landscape and cityscape photography, which span over a decade in the making. My images have appear on magazines, newspapers, billboards, been featured in ad campaigns, and more.

Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness Area

I am a self-taught photographer who got my start as a photojournalist shooting for my high school and college’s print media. During those years, I also occasionally took on wedding and portrait jobs as a freelancer. Nowadays, photography is mostly a hobby and I photograph natural and urban landscapes almost exclusively.


Most images that appear this site are available for licensing for commercial use via Getty Images. If you’re unable to find an image you’d like to license on Getty Images, please reach out.

For personal use, you may use my images freely provided that the following three conditions are met:

  • You may use my work for non-commercial purposes only
  • You must provide attribution (can be as simple as a link back to this site)
  • You may not modify my work in any way

If you’re sharing my work online, I ask that you re-host the images somewhere else instead of hotlinking it.


For inquiries, I can be reached via email at info [at] zylai [dot] com.