Zi Yang Lai

Landscape & Cityscape Photography Portfolio


This website is built on Kirby running a custom theme. The design goal is to create a minimalist-themed website that is lightweight, responsive, and most importantly, easily-maintainable. It adheres to web development and SEO best practices.


Tech Stack

Security & Privacy

This site respects your privacy. It contains zero tracking scripts and Nginx access logs are disabled. I receive no information about this site's visitors.

All traffic is fully encrypted with TLS from your browser to the server origin and back, with one termination and re-encryption at Cloudflare's edge ("full strict" mode in Cloudflare terms). The origin server uses a Let's Encrypt certificate and this domain is HSTS preloaded.

Static Assets

This site is designed to be extremely lightweight. Excluding images, every page makes just 2 requests - the page itself and favicon.ico. All styles and scripts are embedded in <head> and weighs less than 10KB.

If you disable JavaScript, this site will visually look the same and continue to function. The only feature that will break is the image zooming functionality.

No calls are made to any external domains on any pages. All static assets are hosted on the same server that hosts this website. Only local fonts are used.


The source code of this website is openly available on GitHub, though it is incomplete and undocumented. I plan to make the code fully available with documentation in the future.

This website uses the following open-source components: