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Corbett Ave Overpass

I drove past this overpass crossing the I-5 in South Portland heading home from Camera Solutions. It's rare to find an overpass crossing a major highway that's not protected by a fence, so this scene immediately caught my attention. I returned the next day during dusk to photograph this scene.

Long exposure of car light streaks on I-5 during dusk
Corbett Ave Overpass @ I-5, Portland, OR

Ross Island Bridge and Mt. St. Helens can be seen in the distant background.

Just off to the right of this frame, I noticed a little blue shed. I love the contrast between the busy highway and this seemingly peaceful shed that's just sitting right beside it. I turned my camera that direction and took a shot. The tell standing trees and Mt. Hood in the background adds to the tranquility of the scene.

Little blue shed next to a busy freeway
Little Blue Shed by I-5